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When it comes to duty, a one-size fits all approach isn’t always enough.

As of August 2018, certain members of the Canadian Armed Forces are eligible to choose and purchase a new pair of combat-ready boots.*

Who is Eligible?

Certain members of the CAF who are required to wear combat boots as a part of their day-to-day duties are eligible after having completed their Basic Military Qualification (BMQ).

If you are a new recruit, your boots will be supplied through your training facility.
Reserve soldiers must be on the effective strength of their unit in order to be entitled.

Depending on which Tier you belong to, your eligibility might change:

Tier 1 Units

  • Entitled to be reimbursed the stated amount every fiscal year.
  • Includes members belonging to a CMBG (including permanently affiliated units with a formal command relationship to the CMBG, as well as all members belonging to the CCSB, CMTC, CDTS, CRPG HQ STAFF, CTC, JTF-X, CANSOFCOM units and any primary reserve member on Page 5 RCCPJAQ1017 UNCLAS service with the aforementioned organizations.

Tier 2 Units

  • Entitled to be reimbursed the stated amount every two fiscal years.
  • Members not listed above, but who wear combat boots as the dress of the day, and are covered by REF AA, as well as CANSOFCOM HQ, Divisional HQS, CCSB HQ, CBG HQ and units, and any primary reserve member on Class A or Class B Service with the aforementioned organizations.

Tier 3 Units

  • Entitled to be reimbursed the stated amount every three fiscal years.
  • Members who wear DEU as the dress of the day, and are covered by REF A, as well as any primary reserve member on Class A or B service not working in a Tier 1 or 2 organization.

Entitled individuals must complete this process while on the effective strength of their unit. If a member is posted from a Tier 1 unit to a Tier 2 unit, they must have finished the claim process before being posted to the Tier 2 unit in order to be entitled annually.

How Do I Get My Boots?

If you think you are eligible for new boots, you need to be pre-approved for purchase by your chain of command. Remember - boots that have been ordered prior to approval may not be eligible for reimbursement!

All boots purchased need to meet the following requirements:

  • Have a temperate climate operating range (4° C and 35° C)
  • Preferably brown in colour
  • Be between 15 and 23 cm in height
  • Have a non-marking fuel, oil, and acid resistant nitrile rubber outsole
  • Cost a maximum of $340 CAD (before taxes)

*If you are unsure about your eligibility, please get in touch with your local chain of command for assistance.

How to Redeem

Submit your original proof of purchase and unit authorization to your unit orderly room IOT to initiate the reimbursement process. This will be done via CF-52 (General Allowance Claim).

Still not sure if you’re eligible? Take a look at the CAF’s official CANFORGEN 127/18 – BOOTFORGEN FAQ page.

The Altberg Defender Combat Boot

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About Altberg

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Altberg - Bootmakers Established 1989. Yorkshire, England.With over 90 years of experience crafting handmade boots in Britain, Altberg creates some of the most rugged and resilient boots in the world.

Thanks to the skills and knowledge of master European bootmakers, Altberg boots have traversed the world’s harshest conditions – from the mountainous terrain of Afghanistan to the jungles of Ecuador; and then some.



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