Spiritus Bank Robber Chest Rig


  • $65.99


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The Bank Robber Chest Rig is a low profile minimalist chest worn load carriage system.
The Chest Rig is constructed entirely out of elastic material. This enables it to conform and retain oddly shaped items such as smoke grenades, flash bangs, magazines and tourniquets. 
The Bank Robber comes standard with 4 Elastic cells and two retention bungees designed to hold tourniquets or other like items.
Due to the minimalist nature of the Bank Robber, it does not come with Velcro to mount sub loads or attach it to a plate carrier.
It is designed to work with either our Skinny Straps or Fat Straps setups. It also requires a Back Strap to work properly. Shoulder and back straps are NOT included and must be purchased separately!
*Shown with optional items, not included.

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