ARK Medical Military Emergency Tourniquet GEN III



With nearly a decade of ground combat underway, advances in battlefield medical technology have led to the greatest casualty survival rates in the history of modern warfare. Tier-One Quality Solutions is honored to continue its support of the Warfighter with the introduction of a third generation combat tourniquet, the Military Emergency Tourniquet® - GEN III.

Backed with over seven years of combat application, the design enhancement of the MET - GEN III incorporates evidence based clinical recommendations, state of the art technologies and end user response, making it the industry’s most reliable and effective tourniquet device available to those going into harms way.

• Intuitive application, including non-dominant one handed use

• Low profile, lightweight, modular, durable design

• 2.25” tourniquet base; non-slip material ensures efficacy in wet conditions

• 40 inch x 1.5 inch Constricting Band

• Heavy weight Denier Cordura; latex free

• Precision, computer aided manufacturing; aluminum alloy windlass; subdued anodized finish

• Low cost; absolutely durable, easy to use, self-contained, simple, quick release device

• Rapid configuration for application to trapped extremities

• Easy use in full kit gear; heavy or thick gloves, and in low or no light conditions

• Highly resistant to wear from UV exposure, salt water, sand, and all climates

• Storage and operational temperatures between -60 F to +150 F without negatively affecting performance

• Life cycle cost advantages: M.E.T. device is reusable for training, does not diminish efficacy

• Made in the U.S.A. & Berry Amendment Compliant

2.25” Tourniquet Base

40” x 1.5” Constricting Band

Heavyweight Denier Nylon

Powder Coated Aluminum Windlass

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