Armadillo Monty Elite Long Sleeve Mock Turtle Neck


"Monty" is a high neck version of the best selling "Python" regarded as the highest performing base layer in the world today. The mock turtle design delivers extra neck protection without constriction making this an ideal garment to wear under body armour reducing rubbing and abrasion, or in situations involving exposure to extremes of heat or cold (fire and ice). The Armadillo Merino fabric breathes naturally reducing heat and moisture build up allowing you to perform and be stronger for longer.

The athletic fit of this garment provides a snug fit that allows freedom of movement.

Fabric weight

Athletic Fit

100% Merino Wool, Jersey Knit

Garment weight

17.5 micron itch free super fine merino

Mock turtle neck with generous back length. Long arms with long comfortable cuffs

Flatlock chaffing free stitching, with extra strong tag free neckline. No more irritations

Designed for
Maximum protection as a long sleeve top, or under your uniform

No melt or drip, no smell and super comfortable 365 days a year

Style Number

Easy Care Merino
In an ideal world your clothes would never need washing. We can't promise you that, but we can offer you the very next best thing. Your Armadillo resists the build up of odour so can be worn for longer without getting smelly (days, or even weeks, if you have to). And when you do finally have to wash it, nothing could be simpler.

Machine Washable
No need for high temperatures or special detergents because merino is self-cleaning in water and naturally releases dirt and odour even in a cool wash. Simply wash it at up to 40°C with all your other clothes using your usual detergent.

Quick Drying
Your lightweight Armadillo will line dry quickly. Or just leave it on a hanger overnight. If pushed for time, you can tumble dry on a low heat, but do so sparingly and you will prolong your garments life.

Who Likes Ironing?
After washing, merino recovers its shape without wrinkling. Even when folded up small for travel, it unpacks crease-free at the other end. So you should never need to iron it but if you want to, use the wool setting. It really is that easy to care for.

And Finally RIP
Treat it with respect and your trusty Armadillo will give you years of loyal service. And when the time finally comes to say goodbye, dont just throw it away. As a protein, merino fibre biodegrades in soil within 12 months, releasing valuable nutrients. Put it in the compost heap, use it as a weed suppressant or simply bury it. The natural cycle is complete.

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