Ashbury SABER-FORSST Rifle Chassis MOD-1

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The patented unitized monolithic top rail, ergonomic push button adjustable hybrid folding shoulder stock, Quattro carbon fiber co-bore aligned forend and completely modular design highlights the MOD-1. MOD-1 SABER chassis are precision manufactured in compliance with ISO:9001-2008 standards from aerospace grade alloys, advanced composites and super-strong carbon fiber materials. SABER MOD-1 modular rifle chassis are designed for many popular right and left hand bolt action receivers using detachable 5 and 10 round magazines. SABER MOD-1 installation may require a gunsmith for selected barreled actions for precision fitting.

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    Product Information


    SABER MOD-1, Modularly Interchangeable (short, long and XL)

    Shoulder Stock
    PBA-H Shoulder Stock w/adjustable cheekpiece, length of pull (LOP), vertical recoil pad position, grip to trigger distance and optional adjustable field Monopod

    Unitized Monolithic Rail in 0, 20, 30, 40 and 60 MOA MIL-STD 1913 rail. Re-Locatable MIL-STD 1913 Accessory Rails: standard 12˝, 4˝ also with Flushcup Sling Swivel Inserts

    Accessory Rails
    standard 12˝, 4˝ also with Flushcup Sling Swivel Inserts

    A1-5rd, A2-10rd and A3 5/10rd

    Hand Grip
    MAGPUL Hand Grip

    Surface Coatings
    MIL-STD 810G corrosion resistant coatings that are dull and non-reflective

    6.3 lbs (approx.)