ASP Lithium CR123A (sold in pairs)

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Lithium primary cells are the international standard for powering tactical lighting products. An extremely dense energy source, lithium batteries have a ten year shelf life. They function in a wide range of temperatures and environments. Lithium power cells are leak-proof and vibration resistant. 

ASP Lithium cells incorporate a positive temperature coefficient (PTC) protection circuit and safety vent. The system prevents instability in the event a cell overheats or should rapidly discharge as a result of a short. A PTC circuit and backup pressure relief vent allow safe operation of CR123A Lithium batteries in high discharge devices such as high intensity LED flashlights.

Interconnecting transport cases (available separately) are available for the CR123A batteries. Link cases allow an officer to carry a variety of battery types or interconnect any quantity of a battery. When using CR123A Lithium batteries in a high discharge rate device such as a flashlight, always insist on PTC batteries.

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