B. E. Meyers CIRIS IR Illuminator

B. E. Meyers CIRIS IR Illuminator


The CIRIS provides law enforcement and security personnel with an effective yet safe means of IR illumination at long range. The wide field-of-view and high intensity beam illuminates subjects from distances over 600 meters, facilitating the capture of identifiable still and video images. Output power and beam spot size are infinitely adjustable with simple rotational controls. Optional multi-purpose camera mount enables quick and secure mounting to a wide variety of commercially available camera systems. 

Most Powerful Eye Safe® IR illuminator on the market

Adjustable brightness and beam size

Low-battery indicator

Optional multi-purpose camera mount or 1913 rail mount

Weight (with batteries)
10.8 oz


Max Output
1000 mW

Power Supply Option
CR123 (x2)

B. E. Meyers CIRIS IR Illuminator