B. E. Meyers DIAL-100G

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The DIAL-100G® (AN/PEQ-11A) is a high power multi-function aiming laser combining an IR pointer/illuminator and visible green laser. The DIAL-100G® was specifically designed for the crew served weapons of US Navy special operations boat teams to provide day and night target marking with true infrared laser-in-laser technology.

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    Product Information


    Weight (with batteries)
    13.5 oz

    3.75” x 1.2” x 3”

    Visible Point Range
    2.5 km

    IR Point Range
    69 km

    IR Flood Range
    5 km up to 55 degrees

    Max IR Output
    40 mW – 110 mW

    Max Visible Output
    150 mW

    Power Supply Option