B. E. Meyers Glare

B. E. Meyers - GLARE MOUT


B. E. Meyers Glare dazzlers are a directed-energy weapon intended to temporarily blind or disorient the target with intense directed radiation.

Glare Mout
• Non-lethal visual disruption laser (dazzler)
• Ideal for small-arms weapon and mobile crew-served applications
• Warns others of restricted or controlled area before shots have to be fired
• Bright green dazzler beam sends an irrefutable, multi-lingual, cross-cultural message
• Hand-held kit is available for non-weapons-mounted deployment

Glare Mout Plus
• Standard dazzler used at traffic control points, vehicle check points, entry control points, and for convoy protection
• Withstand extreme temperatures with maximum effectiveness from +50 to -20 °C
• Warns others of restricted or controlled area before shots have to be fired
• 60% increase in power over the standard GLARE MOUT with no increase in size or weight
• Effective day or night laser
• New features: training mode, continuous low-power setting, high-power continuous and pulse outputs, and a low-battery indicator

Glare Recoil
• Most advanced weapon-mounted hail and warning laser system available
• Built for the United States Marine Corps Systems Command Ocular Interruption Program
• Features patented SmartRange™
• Integrating laser range finding into the systems’ safety controls

• For long-distance hail and warning, especially during maritime security
• powerful green beam with Eye Safe® technology
• The laser rapidly determines if an unintended observer is within the nominal ocular hazard distance and immediately shuts off the glaring output to prevent accidental eye injury
• Once the bystander has moved out of the NOHD, the laser output instantly resumes
• Warnings can be sent out to 4 km at night and 1.5 km during daylight
• Offensive glaring is achievable out to 500m to hinder and prevent further aggression
• GLARE lasers have been proven to save lives of both civilians and soldiers by providing a rapid warning method across cultural and linguistic boundaries

Glare Mout

NSN : 1265-01-558-5814

Weight (With Batteries): 9.9 oz
Dimensions: 7.7 x 1.8 x 1.7 in
Output: 125 mW
Power Supply Option: CR123 (x2)

Glare Mout Plus
Program Part Number: LA-13/P
NSN: 5860-01-598-6556
Weight (with batteries): 9.9oz
Dimensions: 7.9
Max Output: 200 mW
Power Supply Option: CR123 (x2)

Glare Recoil
Weight (with batteries): 17 oz
Dimensions: 5.5
Max Output: 250 mW
Power Supply Option: CR123 (x3)
EyeSafe: Yes

Glare LA-9/P
NSN: 5860-01-544-7175
Max Output: 250 mW
Power Supply Option: AA and CR123
Eye Safe: Yes

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