Polaris Solutions Ltd - ATVC Module



The ATVC (All Terrain Vehicle Concealment) Module, is a concealment element design to conceal large objects such as vehicles, Humvees etc. The ATVC Module is made from our unique TVC substance and camouflage mesh, both are dual side printed according to end user specifications.

Usage Examples: 

•ATV Single sit (such as “Polaris Sportsman”) – one module 

•ATV Multi sit (such as “Polaris MRZR) – two modules 

•Vehicle (such as “Polaris Dagor”) – 4 modules

• 3D Camouflage - enables imitation of the surrounding (Rural & Urban)
• Multi-Spectral - covers wide range of detection sensors (Visual to LIR)
• Coping with austere environment (Sun, Rain, wind)
• Low Volume - Easy Packing and Carrying
• Short Detection Range - less than 49 Ft. (15m.)
• Two Sided - enable different coloration on each side

Weight: 8kg
Dimensions: Length - 5m | Width - 3m
Total Coverage: 15 sqm.

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