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The SafePoint Mobile Security Station is designed to provide the highest level of protection for security personnel while allowing for full visibility and mobility. It is ideal for use in courthouses, airports, stadiums, arenas, embassies and government buildings, and is an excellent way to enhance security and deter potential assailants with minimal pre-planning, disruption or expense.

With a SafePoint® in place, security officers at entry control points are protected head-to-toe from ballistic threats. It is available in a variety of levels of protection to meet your safety requirements — from NIJ II-certified 9mm resistant to NIJ IV-certified Armor Piercing resistant models. Sizes and weights vary by model, and custom sized units are also available.

• Offering great visibility

• 100% coverage in a mobile package

• Can be used indoors or out to protect personnel and property

• Camography helps the unit blend in at the courthouse or office

• Multiple options available from NIJ II-certified 9mm resistant to NIJ IV-certified Armor Piercing resistant

• Capable of sustaining multiple rounds of fire

Ranging from NIJ II to NIJ IV

Ranging from 265 to 670 lbs

Defenshield SafePoint

About Us
Defenshield Inc. is a veteran-owned, New York corporation manufacturing bullet, blast and fragment resistant equipment for the government, military, law enforcement and the private sector for anti-terror, force protection and physical security requirements.

SafePoint Product Information

What are the dimensions of an MDFP?
The standard MDFP is 36" wide by 76" high, however, we can build units to meet your specifications. For example, if you require movement of the unit through doorways that are 32" wide, we can build units for you that are 30" wide.

Can I change the mobility option of my MDFP after delivery?
Caster kits can be added to any unit originally designed with lag plates, however, the ATV-style tire option should be chosen at the time of order since it requires a machined modification of the unit. Lag plates can be added to any unit at any time.

Can we get a sample MDFP for evaluation before placing an order?
Yes, qualified buyers can arrange for a short-term evaluation unit. The requesting agency is responsible for the shipping costs, which are credited upon placement of an order. Your Account Manager will work with you to ensure you receive the most appropriate unit for your evaluation.

Does the Camography™ option change the ballistic properties of the unit and can you match any image request?
The Camography layer does not affect the level of protection of the device. We have a range of image samples you can choose from, or you may provide us with an image and we will match it for you.

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