DOCTERsight II L/E 3.5 MOA


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DOCTERsight II L/E 3.5 MOA features a robust casing of high-strength steel and hard-anodized aluminum alloys, two-lens high-performance optical system, internal reflex coating, infinitely adjustable reticle adjustment, automatic control of illuminated dot intensity, anatomically adapted brightness progression of illuminated dot, and easy mounting.

The Ideal CQB Sight

The DOCTER® Sight II LE is well suited for Law Enforcement and Military applications as a primary CQB sight. For close quarters engagements the DOCTER® Sight II LE provides one of the fastest target acquisition sights available.

Superior Optics

The DOCTERsight utilizes two highly polished, optical quality glass lenses (compared to one plastic lens in some competitive models) sandwiched together and solidly set in the frame of the sight. A specially formulated DOCTER multi-coating is applied between the lenses, which protects the coating from scratches and abrasions. This coating assures a bright, clear sight picture, greatly reduces distracting, over-the-shoulder glare on the lenses, and eliminates parallax out to 40 yards.

Separate Windage and Elevation Sight Adjustments

Windage and elevation adjustments are made through the use of two unobtrusive screws located on the frame of the sight. The settings then are locked solidly in place with two set screws, assuring that they do not "shoot loose" during recoil of even the largest handgun calibers. A generous adjustment range of plus or minus two degrees (21 feet at 100 yards) facilitates mounting and sight-in adjustments.

For Handgun, Rifles or Shotguns

While the DOCTERsight is perfect for all types of handguns, it is also and excellent choice for quick handling, relatively short-range rifles and carbines where shots will be no more than 150 yards. The shooter need not worry about lining up rear sight, front sight and target. He simply places the red dot on the target and fires. It may also be used on shotguns, and is a superb choice for deer or turkey hunting guns.

Eye Relief: Unlimited
Parallax: 40 meters of parallax free distance
Dimensions: 46mm(L) x 25.4mm(W) x 23.7mm( H)
Weight: 25 grams.
Temperatures ranging functional: -25ºC to 40ºC
Temperatures ranging storage: -40ºC to 70ºC
Shockproof: 1000g recoil force.
Adjustment Range – Elevation: 720cm/100m,
Adjustment Range – Windage: 540cm/100m
Accessories Provided: Protective cover, a small screw driver with calibrated disk for setting precision windage and elevation, an Allen wrench, and mounting screws.

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