G-Code Haley Strategic INCOG IWB Holster System

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The INCOG is a minimum bulk, multi-positional, deep concealment holster. Its distinctive features enable the concealed carry of a handgun from a variety of carry positions while facilitating the acquisition of a full firing grip on the weapon prior to the draw. Inherent are adjustments in the depth of carry, angle of carry, the position of carry and security of carry. Adjustments are supported via the unique modular mounting points on the holster and the use of variable mounting components. Combined they maximize function respective to the users: body type, deployment tactics and personal preferences. The holster is adaptive to varying operational environments and mission requirements.

The mounting clip incorporates a negative angle designed to force the holster closer to the body. This improves the conceal-ability of the holster without increasing the bulk and supports a higher positional carry without compromise to the positional security of the holster during use. This higher position facilitates faster weapon presentations from deep cover. The mounting clips also have multiple mounting points further increasing the range of carry options and adjustments. The mounting clips open and slide down over the belt and lock in place. The clip is actuated via a finger tab, and is flexed to open allowing quick installation or removal from the belt.

All INCOG holsters come with two mounting clips installed with the necessary hardware.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Pistol fits very nicely

incog holster for g17

excellent product. quality.

Very satisfied

Seems well thought out, and it has proven to be quick and reliable at the range so far. The sweat-guard is a little short for my G17. All in all it seems like a good product, and if it lasts and continues to function reliably I'll give it a 5/5.

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