G-Code RTI DUTY Mount Kydex Belt-Slide


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Kydex RTI DUTY Mount Belt-Slide is completely ambidextrous. Works perfectly with any G-Code RTI Kydex Holsters. Carries the weapon in a "Low Ride, Jacket Slot" position, which is half way between the Belt and our ISS MULE.

Perfect for use in areas where you are frequently putting on and removing a jacket, or you want your gun lower and out of the way of armor or chest rigs and you don't want to use a leg rig.

Fits belts from 1.5" to 2.00"

Customer Reviews

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G-Code RTI DUTY Mount Kydex Belt-Slide

Awesome setup

I’m using a G-code holster with the RTI belt slide and also bought a BlackHawk Serpa adapter to run 2 other guns without needing to change belts. I use a battle belt to run ammo for primary and secondary. Overall, it’s a great setup for my needs. If you do 3 gun or recreational shooting it’s a great setup especially if you have different pistols with different holsters. To switch the holsters on and off is quick and easy. I’ve been shooting in the winter so achieving this while keeping gloves on remains fast and quick. There is minimal movement from the holster. Make sure to measure your belt width properly when ordering. Retention is good and I like that the belt loop adapter lowers your pistol and adds clearance away from your body. I would say it’s halfway between a thigh rig setup and drawing from the hip. I’ve been shooting pistols for 10 years, i finally have something that works for all my guns and performs really well. Customer service was great and everything was tracked until it wasn’t at my front door. Awesome product(S)

OK for occassional use?

I received my second replacement duty slide last week. I have used these since 2013 and every 18-19 months, the slide separates along a belt loop. G-Code has honored the limited lifetime warranty but I can not recommend this item if you are in a position where weapon retention would be a life or death situation. The RTI mechanism is great, the slide portion is sub par and should not be marketed for duty carry, in my opinion.

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