Jersey Tactical Claw Pro

Jersey Tactical Corporation - JTC PRO CLAW


The JTC CLAW PRO consists of a custom heat treated alloy handle attached to the JTC patented CLAW. Coupled with a trade secret method of bonding as well as custom design to insert energy syncs into the head of the Pro-Claw results in a steel handle Pro-Claw that does not transfer the energy from your strikes. 

• Made from 100% USA Steel by the American Worker for the American Warrior

• The JTC CLAW PRO weighs 12 lbs

• JTC CLAW PRO is offered in two lengths 24″ and 30″

• JTC CLAW PRO is offered in Tactical Black

• Handle: Custom Heat Treated Alloy

• Claw Attachment: Trade secret energy sync fitting and epoxy


24 inches, 30 inches

User Guide

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