LaRue Tactical QD Pivot Mount Tall


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Designed to attach behind the LT-mounted Aimpoint Comp M2, M3 and M4's, the LT755 places an Aimpoint 3X Magnifier in perfect, 1.725" centerline height-alignment, providing proper cheek-weld. With durability and simplicity in-mind, the angled spring-tensioned pivoting arm rotates on a robust shaft. No buttons, no switches, no delicate places to fill with sand. You simply grab the optic one-handed, pull back, move it in-position, release, and you're good-to-go. Once it's in position, it does not move unless you want it to. The design allows the Aimpoint 3X to fit over top of most flip-up rear sights.

The LT755 shown fits 30mm bodies, such as the Aimpoint 3X Magnifier. The mount is available by itself, or as a Aimpoint 3X combo special.

LT755 will not work with the MAKO magnifiers due to the rib that runs around the outside diameter. 

Acquire targets effortlessly at longer distances, or pivot out of the way for CQB.

This magnifier mount will properly align with the following LaRue mounts: LT150, LT129, LT110 (mounted behind, not piggyback), and LT659.

This combo comes complete with QD adjustment wrench, vial of blue Locktite and instructions.

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