LaRue Tactical Angled CQB Mount for Micro Series


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Magnified scopes are great for distance targets, but are slow and awkward when engaging targets close-in. When used in combination with a magnified scope, the LT-724 positions the excellent Aimpoint T-1 off to the side, so you'll have all the benefits of a red-dot simply by rotating the rifle a few degrees for rapid transition to close-range targets. Not only is the LT-724 an essential kit for MIL/LE, it is ideal for 3 gunners.

The LT-724 was initially designed to fit on the upper receiver in front of a Trijicon ACOG without the need for a railed handguard (note: a standard rear BUIS may not fit with the LT100 and LT724 combination).

The LT-724 is also widely-used on freefloat and continuous-railed handguards in combination with any scope with side turrets shallower than ½" in length, like Trijicon Accupoints, Burris XTR, Leupold CQ/T, Leupold Mark 4 w/ M2 turrets, etc.

Note: The LT724 will not fit underneath the LT104 extension

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