Mayflower Quad 5.56 Placard


  • $95.99


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The Quad 5.56 Placard is meant to be a smaller, lighter alternative to a full chest rig, and allows the end user to quickly change weapon systems without changing the rest of his/her operational equipment (radio, PTT, med etc). 

The Quad 5.56 Placard has internal dividers creating four separate magazine pockets, each with adjustable shock cord retainer with webbing pull tab. The back face of the placard is a Hook face to mate with a Loop face on the front of a carrier or vest. The height of the buckles from the top of the placard can be adjusted by hook and loop straps on the back of the placard to get the placard to the needed placement on chest. The front face of the placard also has 6x2 Molle webbing. Size: 12" x 6.5". All materials and workmanship are 100% made in the USA.

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