Med Sled Vertical Lift Rescue Sled

Med Sled - Vertical Lift Rescue Sled Red-1


The Med Sled Vertical Life Rescue Sled (VLR) gives you all of the functionality of conventional CASEVAC/Tactical Evacuation Care methods with a less complicated, more durable system -- all for a better price.

The Med Sled VLR is an extraction device that provides quick transport of an injured individual in a difficult or hostile rescue situation. Lightweight and rolled into a compact carrying bag, it is designed for ease in carrying. Its durable construction makes for a quick and safe transport. Just one soldier can quickly load and secure a casualty onto the sled. Each sled utilizes a waist harness for easy horizontal movement, which leaves the soldier's hands free to use his or her weapon, while transporting their fellow soldier to safety.

Fast Deployment

• No assembly required
• Integrated Hoist System for quick lifting (pre-assembled)
• Requires minimum deployment training
• Includes Rapid Deployment Bag


• 17.2 lb. (10 lb. sled only)
• Few components enabling immediate deployment

Strong, Durable

• Utilizes high-density polyethylene, a more durable material
• 9,000 lb. rated perimeter tether secures the warfighter and expedites the evac process
• Utilizes 4,000 lb. rated cross straps with side release buckles for ease of use
• DeCon capable

Integrated Hoist System

• Capable of Vertical and Horizontal Lift
• Hoist system rated to 9,000 lb.
• Helicopter hoist straps included with every sled
• No assembly required at time of extraction and vertical lifting

36"W x 87"L. 17 lbs with bag

11 lbs without bag or hoist straps

This is not the Patient Transport sled (MS36) commonly used in hospitals and nursing homes. This is the tactical extrication sled which is lighter, smaller and designed for horizontal and vertical lifting.

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