Petzl Strix VL Headlamp


  • $124.99


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  • Headlamp keeps hands free for working efficiently
  • Numerous carry options: on the helmet, on the vest, on the head or around the neck
  • Double rotation system of the body and head of the lamp allows great freedom for orienting the beam: 180° horizontally and 120° vertically
  • Performance does not decrease as the batteries are drained; then switches to reserve mode
  • Visible color lighting: red, green, blue
  • Visible white lighting: stealth mode, close-range vision mode, movement mode
  • Switch manipulation is noiseless, quick and easy, even with gloves on
  • Intuitive lighting management guarantees stealth: progression from more discreet to less discreet lighting modes
  • Double rotation system allows great freedom of beam orientation
  • Available in Multicam colors 


Features: Multiple-modes, Rechargeable, Red Light
Weight: 3.4 oz
Compatible With: Lithium Battery
Certification(S): CE
Battery Type: AA
Max Burn Time: 20 Hours
Best Use: Camping, Expedition
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