RUAG 9x19 ACTION Eff ect SXF 6.1 g / 94 gr

RUAG - 9x19 ACTION Eff ect SXF 6.1 g / 94 gr


ACTION Effect has a hollow-point bullet which does not deform beyond its caliber diameter but has a defined penetration depth and energy transfer.
All ACTION-bullets are drilled individually from solid material. Metal alloy, heat treatment and the specific hollow-point geometry define the desired effect in the target. The enclosed HP ensures perfect weapon’s feed and avoids deterioration of the deformation caused by foreign material such as clothing.
Upon impact with the target, the plastic tip of the ACTION Effect is pushed into the hollow-point and becomes a part of the deformation process. A medical contrast agent in the bullet tip ensures that, should it be torn out, it can be seen in an X-ray.

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