RUAG 9x19 FMJ SXF (+P) 8.0 g / 124 gr

RUAG - 9x19 FMJ SXF (+P) 8.0 g / 124 gr


The FMJ SXF (+P) has been specifically developed to meet the requirements of the German Technical Guideline for reduced pollutant ammunition.
Reducing the shooters exposure to pollutants is an essential concern for RUAG Ammotec. Due to the heavy metal-free SINTOX® primer and the totally encapsulated bullet core, no pollutants are released near the shooter. This is not only important when shooting indoors, but also outdoors where shooters may face head- or crosswinds.
The marking agent Gadolinium has been added to the primer. This enables forensics to run analyses about the use of the ammunition and determination of the shooting distance.

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