RUAG 9x19 Frangible COPPER-MATRIX SX 5.5 g / 85 gr

RUAG - 9x19 Frangible COPPER-MATRIX SX 5.5 g / 85 gr

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The Frangible COPPER-MATRIX SX is specially developed for the dynamic training needs of police, military and security staff.

The bullet is made from copper and polymer by injection moulding, is completely lead-free and fully recyclable.

The Frangible COPPER-MATRIX SX is particularly suitable for tactical CQB/MOUT training, as the teams can train safely and effectively with maximum realism. The shooting distance can be reduced without risking being hit by backsplashes or ricochets.

All components are produced in-house and perform seamlessly together for perfect functioning in all common types of pistol.

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    Product Information


    • Perfect round for tactical CQB training
    • Ideal fragmentation size minimises ricochet and inhalation risk
    • Lead-free bullet and primer reduce pollution


    9x19 / 9mm Luger

    Projectile tracer
    5.5 g / 85 gr

    Projectile material
    Cu in polymer matrix

    Primer / propellant
    SINTOX® - non toxic / double base powder

    Case material
    CuZn - alloy

    Cartridge weight
    9.8 g

    Term of reference

    Temperature range
    -54°C to +52°C

    Mean case mouth pressure
    max. 2 850 bar (21°C)

    Muzzle velocity
    430 m/s (1 410 fps) 200 mm barrel

    Muzzle energy
    510 J

    Accuracy at 25 m
    100% radius ≤ 100 mm

    Ideal range
    0.1 - 50 m

    50 rds/cardboard box, 1 000 rds/cardboard box