RUAG 9x19 NATO FMJ 8.0 g / 124 gr

RUAG - 9x19 NATO FMJ 8.0 g / 124 gr


The NATO FMJ is specifically designed to meet all the requirements of Armed Forces.
Special attention was given to ensuring the cartridge’s reliability and accuracy in a wide range of environmental conditions.
All components are produced in-house and perform seamlessly together for perfect functioning in all common types of pistol.

• Cost effective NATO-approved versatile round
• Preserves the weapon’s service life
• Excellent value for training and service
• Trusted by Armed Forces worldwide

9x19 / 9mm Luger

FMJ, 8.0 g / 124 gr

Projectile material
tombac plated steel jacket, lead core

Primer / propellant
SINOXID / double base powder

Case material
CuZn - alloy

Cartridge weight
12.3 g

Term of reference

Temperature range
-54°C to +52°C

Mean case mouth pressure
max. 2 850 bar (21°C)

Muzzle velocity
395 m/s (1 296 fps) 200 mm barrel

Muzzle energy
620 J

Accuracy at 25 m
sH ; sV ≤ 50 mm

50 rds/cardboard box, 1 000 rds/cardboard box

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