RUAG 9x19 SECA SXF 6.4 g / 99 gr

RUAG - 9x19 SECA SXF 6.4 g / 99 gr


The SECA is an all purpose deformation round which has been specifi cally developed to meet the requirements of the German Technical Guideline for reduced pollutant ammunition.
The special design with two interlocking cups ensures consistently high quality.
The SECA round does not have a traditional hollowpoint. The inner cup is pushed back upon impact and makes way for the active area of the hollowpoint. This ensures undisturbed deformation and perfect feeding in the weapon.
Additionally, the SECA has minimal defl ection when shooting through angled glass, has good penetration on hard targets and will punch a clean hole in a tyre wall causing deflation within a few seconds.

• Reduced recoil for faster target reacquisition
• NATO-approved round minimises exposure to lead
• Reliable in extreme environmental conditions
• Preserves the weapon’s service life
• Trusted by Armed Forces worldwide

9x19 / 9mm Luger

Projectile tracer
6.4 g / 99 gr

Projectile material
CuZn - alloy

Primer / propellant
SINTOX®-FORENSIS - non toxic / double base powder

Case material
CuZn - alloy

Cartridge weight
11.0 g

Term of reference

Temperature range
-30°C to +52°C

Mean case mouth pressure
max. 2 700 bar (21°C)

Muzzle velocity / energy
400 m/s (1 312 fps) / 510 J 100 mm barrel

Penetration in 20% gelatine
≤ 30 cm

Accuracy at 25 m
sa ≤ 25 mm

Energy deposition max.
max. 60 J/cm

50 rds/cardboard box, 1 000 rds/cardboard box

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