RUAG 9x19 Subsonic HP SX 9.5 g / 147 gr

RUAG - 9x19 Subsonic HP SX 9.5 g / 147 gr


The Subsonic HP cartridge is a silenced deformation cartridge with a classic hollow-point bullet design for defined penetration depth, energy transfer and minimal loss of mass.

The reduction of the shooters exposure to pollutants is an essential concern for RUAG Ammotec. Due to the heavy metal-free SINTOX® primer and the covered bullet base, no pollutants are released near the shooter. This is not only important when shooting indoors, but also outdoors where shooters may face head- or crosswinds.

• Deformation round with a minimal accoustic profile to maintain the element of surprise
• Provides the maximum possible stopping power
• Blue marked primer ensures proper selection
• Reliable in extreme environmental conditions

9x19 / 9mm Luger

Projectile tracer
9.5 g / 147 gr

Projectile material
CuZn - alloy jacket, lead core

Primer / propellant
SINTOX® - non toxic / double base powder

Case material
CuZn - alloy

Cartridge weight
13.8 g

Temperature range
-30°C to +52°C

Mean case mouth pressure
max. 2 600 bar (21°C)

Muzzle velocity
314 m/s (1 030 fps) 100 mm barrel

Muzzle energy
468 J

Accuracy at 25 m
100% radius ≤ 70 mm

Penetration in 20% gelatine
≤ 35 cm

Energy deposition max.
40 J/cm

50 rds/cardboard box, 1 000 rds/cardboard box

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