Ruff Tough Kennels X-Large Dog Crate


  • $495.99


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You have been asking for a larger Ruff Tough Kennel and we answered with the addition of the XL to the Ruff Tough Kennels product line. Made with the same material of our other kennels, this kennel will accommodate your larger breed of dog. Vent hole pattern displayed comes standard (1 3/8") with two finger holes in the back. The XL kennel currently has wire door.

Compatible accessories: Replacement Door, Tie Down Brackets, Coupler Kit, Handle Kit, Top Tray, Side Latch Rod Kit, Portable Water Dish

Please be advised that due to the large surface area of this kennel the sides may bow in during shipping or due to extreme temperature changes. This does not affect the integrity of the kennel and can often be corrected by providing counter pressure and heat.

• One-piece molded construction using high density polyethylene for strength and versatility
• One-piece construction for extra strength and easy clean up
• Lightweight yet super strong
• Designed by dog trainers and outfitters
• Stackable
• Raised floor area to keep your dogs high and dry
• Made in the USA
• 1 Year Warranty
• Single and double door models available
• Door opens in either direction
• Many accessories available for ultimate convenience and safety
• Note: Side Latch Rods are not available for X-Large Kennels

Interior: 39" L x 22" W x 28" H
Exterior: 40 1/4" L x 22 1/4" W (at widest point) x 30 1/2" H
Floor: 38.5" L x 19" W

Approx. 42lbs.

Warranty Policy

The warranty applies only to Ruff Tough Kennel (hereafter RTK) products purchased from an Authorized RTK Dealer, Distributor, or Online store and is extended only to the original purchaser ("Owner") for a period of one year from the purchase date. All warranty claims must be accompanied by the original purchase receipt from an Authorized RTK Dealer, Distributor, or website.

Ruff Tough Kennels warrants all products sold by Authorized Dealers and Distributors to be free of defects in material or workmanship. RTK's only responsibility shall be limited to repair or replacement of the defective product. RTK will not be responsible for any costs, losses or damages incurred as a result of loss or use of product. This warranty is subject to the following limitations in addition to any imposed by virtue of applicable law.

Excluded from coverage under this warranty are the following:
• Damage or Breakage from wear and tear by your pet
• Impact-related damage or breakage
• Damage resulting from abuse, misuse or carelessness
• Intentional damage and/or breakage
• Edge chipping and/or pressure cracking from normal wear and abuse
• Warpage from exposure to heat, rain, or snow
• Damage resulting from improper installation of accessories
• Any damage caused from anything other than defects in material or workmanship
• Damage from the use of solvents, adhesives, or cleaning solutions
• Alterations or modifications done by customer

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