SERKET Tropical-Weight Crew-Height Merino Wool Boot Sock

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The Serket Point 6 Tropical-Weight Crew-Height Merino Wool Boot Sock is designed for optimum performance, comfort and durability. Terry-loop cushioning under the foot protects against pressure points, while the comfortable wool cushioning next to the skin insulates the foot from hot spots and blisters. This sock is an excellent choice for Military and Law Enforcement personnel who require a ultralight-weight sock with maximum ventilation outfitted in lighter footwear and operating in warm to very hot weather conditions.

• Non-Binding Welt top
• Size and style name inside cuff
• Exceptional Cross Stretch
• Ankle brace
• Ventilation panels
• Reinforcement in wear areas
• Arch Support
• Ultra smooth toe closure
• Sport-specific cushioning
• Deep Heel Pocket

All Serket garments are 100% engineered, designed, tested and manufactured in the United States and are Berry Compliant.