Solar Stik 12VDC Expander Pak 1000

Solar Stik - 12VDC Expander Pak 1000 Black-1


Powerful The Expander Pak is a battery that holds up to 1.0kWh of energy. It can also be used independently and includes 12VDC Terminal Posts for recharging.   Durable The Expander Pak is ruggedized for extreme environmental conditions and built to withstand severe impacts.   Scalable If additional energy storage is required, battery capacity can be increased by using plug-and-play connections by adding Power Paks (includes solar charge controller) or Expander Paks.   Field Serviceable Innovative in design, no routine maintenance is required on the Expander Pak. The Pak is “field serviceable” using simple tools. The battery can be easily and quickly replaced at the end of its service life.

• 1.0kWh of energy storage
• State-of-Charge and cycle life indicator
• Extremely durable and weather-proof
• Plug-and-Play

Energy Storage
(2) 12V Lead-acid AGM
Amp Hour
Operating Voltage
10.5 - 14.5VDC
Cycle Life
500 (80% Depth of Discharge)
State-of-charge (SOC) LED indicator
Cycle life indicator display
User Interface
LCD and push-button menu controls
Pelican 1440 case with lid organizer
100A master circuit breaker
Post Terminal
(1) Interior 12V Post Terminals with ergonomic twist knobs
Inter-Connect Port
(2) Exterior 12VDC
Operating Temperature
-50°C to +65°C (-58°F to +149°F)
19.70” x 12.00” x 18.00” (50 x 30.5 x 45.7cm)
97lb (43.9kg)

• (1) 12VDC Expander Pak 1000
• (1) 5’ Inter-Connect Cable

12VDC Expander Pak 1000 Spec Sheet

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