IML SoundCommander SC1100


The new “loud and clear” SoundCommander 1100 Series of long-range, lightweight portable and mounted loudspeaker systems helps you take full control of any situation. Replacing the SC1000/1300 systems, it is the lightest, most powerful tactical portable loudspeaker system in its class with the highest voice-clarity. Take it anywhere to accomplish your mission.


The new SC1100 systems feature a new 120-Watt amplifier with increased range to drive speakers louder to over 1000+ meters (2/3 mile). Our new control panel increases your field-ops flexibility.

The ruggedized SC1100CP Command Pack base unit is the most flexible lightweight portable system on the market. It is 2 inches lower and 2 pounds lighter than its SC1000/1300 predecessor.

Count on the SC1100CP and all SoundCommander® 1100 lightweight, portable tactical loudspeaker systems to deliver focused audio or wide-area mass notification for area denial, psychological operations, emergency evacuation, rescue operations, for command control of Incident scenes and disaster sites. They excel in civil disturbances, hostage negotiations, and training and administrative activities.

SoundCommander® 1100LS (Land/Sea) loudspeaker system is designed to be permanently mounted on any land vehicle, small boat or aircraft or any transportable facility, such as a mobile command trailer or mobile surveillance tower. You can also use the SC1100LS inside a large temporary structure, such as a large tent or canopy. It operates from any AC or DC power source to maximize your deployment options.

SoundCommander® 1100EX loudspeaker system with our EP (Expansion Package) configuration is designed to meet just about any tactical operation or emergency response that requires clearly understandable warning tones and voice messages.

The EP configuration adds:

• A wireless remote 30Mw transmitter with a range of up to 100 meters between the operator and the base unit (optional 50Mw and 100Mw transmitters available)
• A third speaker
• A second tripod stand
• UHF multi-channel receiver
• An external switchable 110VAC/220VAC, 15 Amp power supply for extended periods of AC power use (carry case included)
• An additional microphone

The SC1100CP includes a custom-built integral padded soft case that can be carried by hand, with a shoulder strap or as a backpack. Additional ports allow more secure connections to speakers and more auxiliary devices. All of its accessories fit inside its case.

The SC1100MC loudspeaker system includes three speakers – two for mounting on a vehicle and the third for portable operations. You can also configure the system with the three speakers dismounted.

The SC1100LS loudspeaker system comes with two loudspeakers with cables. It is expandable to four speakers to approximate 3600 coverage from the middle of large public gatherings or large public spaces.

The SC1100EX adds all of our expansion components and hard system case with pull handle and wheels, for military, fire, law enforcement and disaster support. The components include:

• Two additional external speakers – each with 50-ft. (16m) cables – for longer range or wider area coverage
• Second microphone (stage or push-to-talk)
• 50Mw UHF multi-channel transmitter/reciever set (100Mw available)
• External 15 Amp 110-220VAC -13.4VDC power supply
• 15-ft (4.8m) external 12VDC automobile power cable
• Two adjustable tripod equipment stands with articulating leg and padded cases

SoundCommander® 1100MC (Mobile/Command) System is the dual-use model of the SC1100 series. It expands your options for tactical operations. Use it as a

• Stand-alone portable system
• Semi-permanently installed vehicle system
• Command desk system.

SoundCommander SC1100 Datasheet