IML SoundCommander SC360


The requirement for powerful fixed outdoor emergency mass notification loudspeaker systems that can project highly intelligible live voice and pre-recorded messages. Authorities have determined that email, reverse 911 and text messaging are not sufficient to effectively cover a university campus, military installation, or other outdoor public venue in a timely manner. A long range mass notification (“Giant Voice”) public address system with superior voice audio is critical to quickly notify and update personnel at the scene of any event, situation or emergency.

The SoundCommander® SC360 wide area mass notification loudspeaker system is a complete solution that projects warning tones crystal clear, live and pre-recorded voice audio over a full 360˚ area. With the SC360 system your live voice messages will be heard loud and clear and be fully intelligible to extended ranges to a radius of up to 800 meters. It is the powerful fixed installation loudspeaker system of choice for colleges and universities, military bases, zoos, parks and other large outdoor venues.

Features of the SC-360 system include:

• A combination of 1 to 25 broadcast Nodes spread throughout the venue to be covered. Each Node consists of

• One to four omni-directional loudspeaker arrays stacked in hexagonal all weather protective framework. Each circular array contains six waterproof reentrant horn loudspeakers.

• The speaker output frequency response curve is almost flat from 400Hz to 6500Hz resulting in the widest frequency response and most intelligible audio unmatched by any competitor.

• Each array stack includes a heavy duty 100ft (30m) speaker cable attached a high power Amplifier/Power module.

• Audio power output of the amplifier module varies from 360 to 1500 watts RMS.

• Each Amplifier module includes a push-to-talk microphone for live voice transmission

• The Amplifier/Power module is encased in a weatherproof NEMA IV cabinet or ruggedized hard case enclosure.

• A 52 Amp hr internal rechargeable battery backup system can power the NEMA IV Amplifier/Power module for up to 24 hours.

• The Broadcast Nodes can each be individually controlled at the Amplifier/Power module, using live voice, the built in sirens.

• An external auxiliary audio device can be connected via the AUX. XLR plug.

The broadcast Nodes are remotely controlled by:

• One or more SoundCommander Desk Top Remote Central Base Stations located in an operations center, police station or other locations as designated

• The base station, in various configurations can transmit either analog or digital information to the Broadcast Nodes via the customer’s own LAN network, wireless Ethernet (available option), direct fiber optic wire or cable.

• The base station, transmits high clarity live voice, pre-recorded messages, or warning siren tones to up to 25 Nodes simultaneously or When equipped with our integral Windows® touch screen netbook or a notebook PC with our proprietary software preinstalled the base station can individually control from 1 -12 Nodes in any combination

• The Base station includes either a push-to-talk or desk top microphone.

• The broadcast Nodes report their status back to the base station PC at 20 second intervals.

• SC360 base stations are compatible with most indoor PA systems, paging systems, and other message and voice transmission systems either analog or digital.

• Numerous prerecorded messages, sirens and warning tones, can be stored and later selected for transmission using the AlertCommander Pre-recorded

• Warning Tone and voice message delivery system, the most flexible and feature filled message delivery system available. With the AlertCommand© PC (ACPC) software, the customer can download pre-recorded .WAV file messages from any source or even record their own at no cost.


Installation of the SC360 system on location can be arranged, coordinated and completed by your local dealer/distributor or IMLCORP.

Installation costs will vary depending on the size of the SC360 system to be installed, area terrain and local construction codes.

SC360 Broadcast Node speaker arrays and NEMA IV Amplifier/Power modules can be mounted on fixed in ground poles, side mount poles or on non invasive roof top pyramid towers.

The ruggedized MIL-STC 810-F hard case Amplifier/Power module can mounted inside buildings or outdoors in covered areas.Contact your dealer /distributor or IMLCORP regarding SC360 system installation.

SoundCommander SC360 Datasheet

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