Surefire Reinforcement Rebar Cutter


  • $318.72


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The SureFire Reinforcing Bar Cutter (RBC) is designed for breaching requirements when an operator needs to cut through reinforcing bar blocking entry. This product slides over the SureFire WARCOMP 556 CTN adapter and securely attaches to the adapter for rock-solid mounting via the same patented Fast-Attach mechanism used on the SOCOM Suppressor Series. Cutting through rebar with live ammunition is inherently a dangerous situation; however, the RBC provides a more effective, safer option by aligning the bore of the weapon with the rebar and redirecting the majority of spalling from the fired round and rebar fragments away from the shooter. Simply index the RBC with the rebar and apply forward pressure while firing the weapon. The RBC will not degrade performance of the weapon or adversely affect ballistics.

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