Troy Front and Dioptic Rear M4 Micro Set Sight


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Troy BattleSights™ set the world standard for performance and durability. For shooters who favor a sightline that’s as close to the barrel as possible, or for those with raised top rail systems, the Troy Micro BattleSight provides an ideal solution.

Troy Micro BattleSights are rugged, reliable and BattleReady™.

Now, Troy has developed a rugged low-profile sight designed for firearms with top rails higher than the standard M4.

The Troy Micro BattleSight greatly enhances weapons such as the new IAR, the Sig Sauer 556® Pistol and Carbine, POF 416®, FN Scar®, Robinson Armament XCR®, Heckler & Koch 416® & 417® and other weapons with raised top rails.

Troy Front and Dioptic Rear M4 Micro Set Sight

Sold as a set only.

Available in Black and Flat Dark Earth

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