XGO Phase 4 Performance Men's Hoodie



If you are waiting for a long detailed description on why you should buy XGO's Phase 4 Hoodie, it's not coming. We are going to keep it simple. You know that awesome tingling feeling you get when you are freezing and you get into a nice warm car with the heater blaring? Yep that is exactly what it is like to wear XGO's Phase 4 hoodie! Trust us when we say that this is one of the best hoodies you will ever wear!

• Heavyweight First Layer
• 90% Acclimate® Dry Polyester / 10% Lycra©
• Smooth Outside, Fleeced Inside
• Superior Moisture-Wicking
• Quick Drying
• Ag47™ Anti-Microbial Protection
• Won't Shrink, Pick or Pill
• Durable and Breathable
• Extra Length
• Clean Seam™

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