SLK Sling - Coyote

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The D3 SLK Sling had all the features of the D3 sling without the QD mounts and tri-glide. This allows for customization and use with multiple different mounting systems. 

The D3 SLK Sling is the result of over 15 years of continuous use, revision and improvement, delivering a versatile platform intuitive to the point where the rifle becomes a natural extension of the body. What started as a custom design built for his Force Recon platoon during a deployment became a lifelong mission for Travis Haley to build a rifle sling that works around the end user, and not the other way around.


  • Low-profile pad, inspired by climbing harnesses created by the world's leading mountaineering companies
  • 5-layer laminated construction sealed with stretch woven materials, the pad provides stability and comfort without adding weight or bulk

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