Five Canadian Police Agencies Choose GLOCK Pistols

OTTAWA – April 14, 2022 – RAMPART is proud to announce that five Canadian Police Agencies have chosen GLOCK pistols including Canada’s newest Police Service.

Surrey Police Service in Surrey, British Columbia is the latest of the five Canadian Police Agencies to adopt GLOCK pistols. The other agencies are located in Quebec, Ontario, Saskatchewan, and the Yukon. Three of the five agencies are replacing legacy Smith and Wesson® pistols while two of these agencies are newly formed.

Over 80% of law enforcement, agencies across Canada are currently using GLOCK pistols. GLOCK pistols are safe, accurate, and reliable with full service and support in Canada.   

 “We are proud to be able support these 5 agencies become new GLOCK users. We have seen many agencies chose to adopt GLOCK pistols over the last few years. GLOCK reliability and quality combined with RAMPART’s dedication to supporting the end user creates a winning partner for Canadian law enforcement and military end users” said Mike Klein, President of RAMPART Corp.


“GLOCK is honoured to chosen by  the Surrey Police Service to provide them with their duty firearm” added James Cassells, the Canadian Sales Manager.  “We look forward to continuing a long relationship with them and providing them with the support GLOCK in Canada has become known for.”

Media inquiries can be directed to the RAMPART Communications team