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At Rampart, we specialize in supporting the unique requirements of those who put their lives on the line every day to protect others. Those who’s equipment plays a crucial role in their ability to do their job and come home safe. To us, our responsibility extends far beyond taking an order and walking away. We support our customers from initial request to post-contract delivery, warranty, repair, and everything else in between.

Rampart is the exclusive distributor of GLOCK pistols to military and law enforcement in Canada.  when you acquire GLOCKs through Rampart, you’re not just getting a pistol – you’re gaining a partner dedicated to your mission success.

Anyone can simply sell you a product. It’s what happens after the transaction that counts; and when you purchase GLOCK through Rampart, you can do your job knowing you’re protected and supported by the best.

what we offer

Glock by the numbers

We break down the numbers behind the most trusted firearm used by law enforcement and armed government agencies in Canada. 

Perfection x3

We’ve assembled the best, most reliable duty equipment. Because when lives are on the line, you need to be protected by the best. 

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Rampart is the exclusive distributor for GLOCK to Canadian Military and Law Enforcement.