For more than forty years, ASP has had a single-minded focus on providing law enforcement officers with the finest tools for the safe performance of their duties, and industry-leading training in the use of those tools. Every day, professionals in over 100 countries trust our products and training with their lives—so they can’t afford less than the very best.

ASP designs and manufactures products in several distinct categories such as Batons, Personal Safety, Pocket Tools, Red Guns, Restraints, Scabbards, Tactical Lighting, Training Gear, Training Guns, and more.

Rampart is the exclusive provider of ASP products to Canadian Law Enforcement. We have inventory in-stock and ready to ship. If you wish to make a purchase on behalf of your agency, contact us today.



88 models of ASP Batons assure the perfect match between product and mission. From Locking System to Length, you will find an ASP design that fits your specific requirement. Each series is available with Grips, Shafts and Attachments that will make your job safer.



It has been called the greatest handcuff advance of this century. The ASP Restraint System. A fusion of innovative design, advanced materials and cutting edge technology. The result of an exhausting eight year design effort. A system with real world features. A restraint series that has set a new standard for safety and security.

Chain, hinge and rigid models available. Contact Rampart to source the best restraint for your agency.


As modern law enforcement professionals respond to public outcry for more protection, there is renewed development in restraint technology that promotes control and limits risk of injury.


ASP was an early pioneer in handheld LED lighting and maintains deep ties in the lighting industry. A founding member of the ANSI FL1 Flashlight Standards Committee, ASP sits on the Executive Board of PLATO, the trade association for portable lighting.

ASP lights are blindingly bright. They combine innovative design with world class craftsmanship. The result is unparalleled performance and uncompromising reliability in law enforcement lighting.


Don’t see what you need? Just ask. These products represent just a portion of our available products. If you’re unsure of what you need, our experts will help you find the best solution to accomplish your mission.



When you purchase ASP through Rampart, you don’t just get their industry-leading products, you also get comprehensive training on these tools – tuition free for qualified officers and agencies. In this industry, your ability to properly use the tools you have, is just as important as the tools themselves – and ASP and Rampart have you covered for both. Contact us today to learn more about ASP Training Programs.

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Did you know that non authorized/grey market ASP, INC. products sold into Canada DO NOT hold a valid factory warranty?

Products not purchased through Rampart of an authorized Rampart Dealer are not eligible for factory warranty. Authorized products should have a “distributed by Rampart” hologram Barcode on the outer packaging. Additionally, batons will have Maple Leaf Baton caps.